new logo for ihc

If you have visited our website before you will have noticed that not only have we updated the look of our website but we also have a new logo. In 2011, IHC celebrated its 10th Anniversary and though we love our old logo we decided to celebrate our successes to date with a new logo.

In our first 10 years, we partnered with organizations all over the world so we felt we should include a map of the world. If you look carefully at North America, you will notice a small white circle in the middle - that's because we are based in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

To avoid confusion, we decided to include both our organization's full name and our initials as there are a number of other humanitarian organizations out there with "international" and/or "hope" in their names.

And finally, we added colour because, well, we are celebrating! And we couldn't have a new logo without having a new look to our website could we?